This is GE French door unit that was made by Samsung. In the fresh food section there is frost build up on the back wall to the right of the evaporator coils and evaporator cover. The frost build up happens fairly quickly. It is about 3″wide and 5″ tall. I have never seen this particular thing happen. The evaporator coils are not frozen over and there is no frost in any of the ports for airflow, just on the one spot on the back wall to the right. I would think this would possibly come from an bad evaporator cover, but reaching out for advice hear.

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Possible issues could be a frozen defrost drain pipe, failed sensor, failed or blocked evaporator fan motor, Door seal issue or door not closing properly. Defrosting it will only temporarily fix the problem. On this model,. the ice maker will stop harvesting if the freezer temps are above 5°f. Restore temp to your freezer first before replacing the ice maker. I wouldn’t advise you to defrost the fridge until you tested all sensors and checked diagnostics.

  • Going through the inside of the refrigerator that is
  • Also is there a diagnosis mode on this unit?
  • There is no frost on any part of the evaporator or it cover. Started frosting within 4 hours
  • Hello I do not see any service bulletins for your model series. I have add a service manual. If there is not any frost on any part of the evaporator you may have a sealed system leak. I would go through the diagnostics in the service manual to verify.
  • Position the defrost sensor to the left side of suction line instead of the right if this is a Samsung built refrigerator
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