I will be looking at a Kenmore washer . Getting F1 error code. It looks like it may need a new main pcb. Has anyone come across this?
Thanks for any help.

Model Number

I agree on your diagnoses but still run it through diagnostics. Be sure that the drain pump is not drawing excessive amps, or the control could be compromised.

1. Be sure the washer is in standby mode (plugged in with all indicators
off; or with only the Clothes Clean or Done indicator on).
2. Select any one button (except POWER, START, and STOP) and follow
the steps below, using the same button (remember the button):
3 seconds ➔ Release for
3 seconds ➔ Press/hold
3 seconds ➔ Release for
3 seconds ➔ Press/hold
3 seconds
➔If this test mode has been entered successfully, all indicators on the
console are illuminated for 5 seconds with 88 showing in the
Estimated Time Remaining two-digit display.
➔If indicators do not display as described above, the
press/hold/release procedure above may not have been performed
within the time frame necessary for successful entry. Repeat step 2
to ensure this was not the cause. If still unsuccessful, see
Diagnostic: Unsuccessful Entry, page 3.
3. The program then checks for saved fault codes:
➔If there are saved fault codes, see Diagnostic: Saved Fault Codes,
page 3.
➔If there are no saved fault codes, all indicators on the console will
momentarily turn off, then turn back on with 88 displayed. After
5 seconds, the Automatic test, below, begins.
Performs a five-minute automatic test with water functions to check major
washer functions (door can be open). Press the same button used in step
2 above to advance through automatic test steps.
NOTE: Basket must be floating in order to agitate. Step C1 must be
allowed to complete before advancing to step C5.
Indicator Machine Function Recommended Procedure

C0 Slow spin to 23 rpm. If no spin go to Manual: Motor,
Spin, page 5.
Warm water fills through
Fresh and Detergent
valves, then Fresh valve
until basket floats
(disengages); then
washer continues filling
through Fresh and
Detergent valves to
minimum water level.
If no water or fill temperature is
wrong, go to Manual: Water
Valves, page 4.
If basket does not float or
disengage, determine cause of
Cold water fills through
Bleach valve for
10 seconds.
If no water in bleach cup go to
Manual: Water Valves,
page 4.
Hot water fills through
Fabric Softener valve for
10 seconds.
NOTE: Step will occur
but no water can be
dispensed with models
that do not have a fabric
softener valve.
If no water in fabric softener
cup go to Manual: Water
Valves, page 4.
Warm water fills through
Detergent valve for
10 seconds.
If no water in detergent cup go
to Manual: Water Valves,
page 4.
C5 Agitate for 15 seconds. If no wash action go to
Manual: Motor, Agitate; page 5.
C6 Recirculate for
10 seconds.
If water is not being
re-circulated go to
Manual: Pumps, page 4.

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