There is a grinding noise during agitation. I have cycled through the service mode and in agitation cycle there is grinding noise.

What part or parts do I need to order to fix this before it becomes a bigger problem.


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Service mode, no error codes

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Sorry, we looked at the wrong model. You first want to make extra sure that the very bottom rotor retaining screw is 100% fully tightened. That causes about 40% of the grinding sound issues. If that is not the problem and the rotor retaining screw is fully tightened with no play it is most likely a compromised mode shifter assembly (part # WH38X24734). It has gears that mesh with and drive the washing machine bearing assembly (part # WH38X24734). In some cases you need to replace both, however in most cases the mode shifter replacement should take care of the grinding issue.

  • Ok I will give both of those suggestions a try. Thank You.

We have run into this symptom on you model many times. When there is a grinding noise during agitation in most cases it ends up being the idler pulley and belt. I would start there. Also see the training and service manual links below.

  • My model does not have a belt or idler pulley. I was thinking it was the mode shifter assembly.
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