I have a great deal of difficulty removing stripped out baked in screws. With bbq’s we always use hand tools and rarely use machine screw drivers. I cannot get 90% of the screws out if they are located on the collector box inside the fire pit. I need to know. how to get them out. I have tried everything including vice grips and rubber glove technique and soaking with WD 40. In many cases there is not even enough room to get a vice grip in there. Should I just get a small angle grinder and cut these screws out? Is that a normal pracitice? Please help. Thanks

Peter Cooke
Sparkle Grill of Long Island

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What have you tried so far?

vice grips
stripped screw removers ( never works)
rubber glove in screw head
Angle grinder , cut off screw head

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Screws that are rusted on ranges and ovens that have not been removed for many years are impossible to remove without stripping the screw head. We start by putting on ( Supco MO44 Rust Buster Liquid Penetrating Oil ) for 24 hours to loosen the rust. Then take a Phillips head or flat head screw driver or whatever screw head you have, put it on the screw head and hit it 3-4 times hard with a hammer on the end of the screwdriver. The blunt force it loosens up the rust. Then turn counterclockwise and hope the screw does not strip out. If you still cannot remove it or it strips out, then you have no choice but to drill it out. We then use the (Titanium Drill Bit Set ) to drill out the screw completely and put in another screw normally one size bigger so it will fit snug. See both links below. Hope this helps.

Supco MO44 Rust Buster Liquid Penetrating Oil

Titanium Drill Bit Set

  • Didnt expect it, that was great advice! I just ordered both products thank you.
  • Give us feedback on how it works out. We have a 85-90% success rate with the rust buster.
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