Ice is clumping. Freezer is at -3F. Not sure how to determine if there is a water leak or if there is a heat problem.

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If the ice is clumping , it is an indication of warm freezer temperatures . See link below with specifications and schematic wiring diagram.
There are a few possibilities that can cause the warm temperatures.
1) The ice door chute is closing reliably all the time.
2)The evaporator thermistor not sensing proper temperatures.
3) The main control board going bad.

  • Thank you. I am going to try replacing the thermistor. In looking at the the freezer section diagram I do not see “thermistor” listed. Is it have another name?
  • Also, if I want to look at the ice maker as it goes to the harvest cycle do I have to watch it for 90 minutes? Or is their a particular time in the 90 minutes I should expect the issue to occur?
  • Hello, is is called the freezer temperature thermistor . Here is the part #WR55X10026 . The ice maker will cycle after the thermostat temperature is satisfied inside the ice maker head . It can vary from 80 minutes to 120 minutes per harvest cycle . On average 90 minutes.
  • That part is not listed in the freezer section diagram. What diagram has it shown?
  • If your temp in the freezer is -3 your ice should not be melting. Check that the ice door chute is closing. Check so see if the ice maker is leaking into the bucket. Manually cycle the ice maker. It takes a couple of minutes for it to cycle and then fill with water at the end of the cycle. Monitor for water leaks when it fills.
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