Does the Control Electronic W11164576 , have something to do with unit not making ice?

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I replaced Ice Maker, circuit board, and water valve Check ok
Still not making Ice after 72 hrs
I did all the test on the tech sheet , ice maker not responding .

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See wiring diagram link below along with all ice maker diagnostics. Yes, the ERC does wire through the water inlet valve and ice maker. Have you manually harvested the ice maker ? If not go to test #44 on the technician sheet link below. This will test the ice maker and the water fill pressure and fill time.

  • While on test 44 unit started flashing 23
  • Hello The 23 error is a water filter error. I would replace the water filter to start . See you diagnostics link for more exact details on the 23 error , its on page #2.
  • I put a new water filter, rested the filter status and have no ice production.
  • I also replaced water valve.
  • Are you still getting water through the dispenser? These units are common to get a frozen fill tube. It will freeze near the end of the fill tube by the icemaker. You can check this by disconnecting the fill tube at the bottom of the door under the toe kick panel and then forceing a fill for the ice maker. If you get water coming out of the tube at the bottom of the door and did not get water to the ice maker when it was connected your line is frozen. You can thaw it and see if it freezes again. I have ran into a few of these and had to replace the freezer door. There is a fill tube heater that is suppose to keep the line from freezing. It only comes with the door as a whole.
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