The ice fill tube to freeze up. The original technician replaced the ice maker. I was called due to the same problem and I replaced the water valve. I was just rec-called due to the same problem. The customer’s wife was a t home and added additional information. She indicated that everything will work fine for awhile when the fill tube has been manually defrosted. Then she will notice water leaking from the water line and then the next day the ice maker fill tube is frozen. The water valve was replaced and it doesn’t seem like it would occasional fail to seat for both the water and ice maker at the same time. Any idea what would cause this intermittent problem?

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Replaced the ice maker and water valve.

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Hi. Low water pressure can cause the fill tube to freeze up. Also, there is a service bulletin for the water line in the door freezing for to the ice maker. The fix is a new door. I can not find the bulletin for this issue at this time. I found info that stated the issue is for serial numbers below 509. I also found info that the new door is needed for serial numbers above 604MR .

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