sometimes washer completes entire cycle normally. Other times it starts, tumbles 1 rotation and stops, then shuts off. Other times it goes through the wash cycle but when it comes to spin, it just keeps tumbling clothes back and forth while drain pump runs and never gets to spin speed. When it does this the estimated time remaining clock will stay on the same time for maybe 10 minutes before going down by a minute then it will take another 10 minutes to go down another minute. it will eventually shut off without spinning so clothes are still wet. We have run the diagnostic tests and all functions work normally. Also washer does not give any error codes when it does this.
We appreciate any advise.
Thank you.

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all diagnostic tests per user manual. We have also changed pump, door latch and door switch.

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See the technician sheet and Job Aid diagnostics. I will see if any other technicians have input on this condition. Matt Ace technician

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