it makes little humming noise when we use the boost mode everywhere we put the cookware is this normal? or need to be replaced parts ?

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Hi. Buzzing and clicking noises are going to be normal with induction cooktops. You will hear the clicking of the relays on the control boards and you will hear the buzzing of the elements heating up the pans. You will get different results with different pans. For example, a cast iron pan may not make as much noise due to its density. You can get buzzing noise on both low and high heat settings as well. As long as the unit is working properly and it has always made this noise I would assume it is fine.

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    • 4 years ago
    She also stating that the humming was not there when first operation. Any recommendation? Thank you.
  • Even with the sound not being present when the unit was first used, i would have to say this is normal. As you have said the noise is not loud. The unit is working properly and there are no other symptoms or issues. Again, induction elements do make noise when heating the pans and different pans can be worse than others. I suspect that all the burners do this and that it is not isolated to one burner or one side. There are ussually 2 burners to an inverter board and to have all burners making noise would mean we have multiple part failures. If it were my customere I would advise them to monitor it and see if anything changes, such as any other symptoms or the noise changing ot getting louder. You could have the incoming voltage checked to make sure it is proper.
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