Hi, have a Kenmore 80 series washer. Seemed to be the timer. So, I replaced that. Didn’t fix it. Bypassed the lid switch to see if that was it. It obviously is not the lid switch.
This was my “today’s adventure”.
Washer washes, then stops all function. Waiting to see if it fires up. Waited 18 min, moved the knob past the “blue dots” on the timer thing. Went passed the first “line” , continued washing. Went thru spin cycle, but stopped at rinse, stalled. Waited 10 min, moved the knob and it’s filling. Filled ok, then rinsed all the way thru “rinse, spin and the off” buttons. Still agitating. Contacted the . Very nice, but it was the “help you find parts dude”. Being directed to the website, it sugguests the main control board. Have already spent $175 for the timer. (needed replaced, could tell once I got it in). Does the electronic-control-board sound like the last option to you?
I have to turn and turn the knob b4 I can find a “drain and spin” that works. Then, if I’m not out watching it, it restarts the cycle. Starts filling the washer with water after spin is in off. Saw that might me the temp control. UGG…

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Dede, it sounds like the control board may be the issue. I cant see anything else in the diagram that would cause this issue besides the timer you have already replaced. Matt Ace technician

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