Hello, the dishwasher is leaking during cycle on the bottom left side of door, there is a small black plastic flap? About 6 inches in length is the location where it drips from.
I don’t know if the leak is relative, but my dishes aren’t drying either, there is still water on dishes and such after the “Quick and Dry” cycle has completed???

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I have cleaned the door sides, i had hard water, no longer, i also wiped down the inner door gasket seal with a water and vinegar mixture

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I attached the service manual for you. Run the diagnostics and check for any error codes. These units have a funnel like piece in the corners that will collect any water leak out of the door. It appears this unit has these and is the black plastic piece you are referring to.the water then should drip into the base, where the flood sensor is . Once the water hits the flood sensor it will give an error code and may drain out. The leak could be from poor water flow to the unit. If the unit is not filling with enough water you can get a leak from the spray arms not rotating and spraying water into the corners of the door. This would also cause your poor washing and is likely from your hard water clogging the supply line, shut of valve or inlet valve. Make sure your door seal is good and the spray arms ports are not clogged with debris.clogged spay arms will cause leaking and poor washing as well.

  • Thank You for the reply Brian. Interior of the machine and spray arms and ports are all clean. There is a small rubber gasket that runs the bottom of the door, attached to the bottom of the door, it appears to not be solidly and symmetrically fitted? I’m terrified to remove the door to inspect/replace. I don’t know how to “run diagnostics”. I tried the “Smart Diagnostics” but it would not connect thru the app on my phone. Mike
  • I was mistaken. This unit does not appear to have a test mode. I can not find a seal at the bottom of this door anywhere. Here is a link that shows the inner door assy. https://www.searspartsdirect.com/product/37t6qc3qj1-0022-722/id-4937dd1001m Try adding a few cups of water to the dishwasher after it fills and starts washing, at the beginning of a cycle. See if you can hear a difference in the washing. If you can hear it washing better and the spray arms rotating better you have a water supply issue. Not getting enough water. You can also open the door quickly while its washing before and after you add water to see the difference of the water spraying and spray arm rotation.
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