Water is splashing through the vent hole in the seal at the left side of the bottom. I replaced the seal. That didn’t stop the leak.
I tilted the dishwasher toward the back and that didn’t stop the leak.
What is causing this? Is this an issue with this model?
What is the solution?

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Hi. make sure the other door seal going around the door is good. You want to pull the bottom of the unit out a little further that the front so water does not rush to the bottom of the door. Not sure if this is what you did when you said you tilted the unit back. Also, make sure the unit is level from side to side. if not you can have a larger gap on one side of the door than the other allowing water to leak out. Check to see if the tub is warped. I have seen a lot of these plastic tubs warp on top, bottom, and sides. Some of these units have corner door seal pieces at the bottom too. If yours does, make sure they are in place.

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