This is an oven/microwave combo. Oven works fine and microwave works good except for it will not run longer than 1 minute. At that point, in the oven control board screen it will give an error code of F3E2. The microwave board doesn’t display this code. The oven sensors check fine as well as the oven works great! Not sure what this could be causing this as all works well except for the 1 minute time issue. Set for 3 minutes will cut off completely at 2 minutes. Any time frame will do the same.you can also start the microwave back up instantly and it will run for 1 minute. Any help would be great!!!

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Hi. The F3 E2 error is for the microwave temperature sensor:

Temperature sensor opened (microwave)

  1. Disconnect power or unplug oven.
  2. Check microwave sensor connection.
  3. Measure sensor resistance (280k Ω at 70° F [21° C]; 1k Ω at 392° F [200° C]).
  4. If resistance is not valid replace sensor.
  5. If sensor resistance and connections are good, then check for welded-closed relays
    on the control. If relay is shorted, replace control

I have attached the tech sheet for you.

  • Would you happen to have a part number?
  • W10854500??
  • I can not locate this sensor on the parts breakdown. The tech sheet shows it on the wiring schematic. The only thing I can thing of at this point would be to get a part number off of the sensor itself if it has one on it. You can follow the correct wires from the schematic to locate the part. If the sensor tests good and the wiring is good the issue would have to be the control.
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