I’ve placed a load of laundry in our GE dryer, selected a setting and when I push the ‘start’ button, the digital display shows a flashing light next to the ‘Sensor’ panel and dryer doesn’t engage.

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I have unplugged the unit, vacuumed all of the lint from the exhaust area beneath the drum, cleaned the lint trap as well, plugged-in the dryer but still getting blinking ‘Sensor’ light. I have cleaned the two chrome sensors just inside of the drum, behind the lint trap area as well.

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Sorry, having difficulty locating the service manual for your exact model, but based on the appliance breakdown we reviewed this is where to start. Unplug or turn the breaker off to your dryer first! You’ll need to check the door switch with a multimeter. It should just pop out. Mark the three wires so you can get them back in the right spot. The terminals are marked on the switch, COM = COM, NO= Normally Open, NC= Normally Closed. Set your meter to check continuity and put your meter probes on COM and NO. Your meter should show 1 or OL(OPEN LEAD). Push the switch and your meter should read 0 or closed(GOOD CONTINUITY). Also make sure that you do not have a broken belt and that you have proper power at the terminal block. If all these checks are good , then the only part left that would be bad is the control board. We will continue to search for the correct service manual, however following these steps should guide your diagnostics.

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