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This unit contains a W10135090 Board which is replaced by a part number 2252189 but this replacement board is hard to come by. They just don’t have them in stock! Why I don’t know! The Repair Shack made a repair on the W10135090 and said it was good to go…Installed and still not cooling. But in the fresh food compartment controls if you install a bulb in to the top of socket near the Led the Led goes off. If you loosen the bulb the LED showing the temperature setting goes back on! Anyone have any ideas on this situation. All input greatly appreciated.

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Hello, Did you check voltage at the compressor? The light issue sounds to me like a short, did it do this with the old control?

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    • 8 years ago
    The compressor came on but I’m going back to check the amp draw. The board in the FF compartment is no longer available. I am going back today to review my work! Thank you, Jan Barney’s Appliance
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