How can I do a test on the electronic defrost control?

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I checked the heater and defrost t-stat and they are good. I need a wiring diagram and technical diagnostic sheet.

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Hi. I have attached links to the ADC board and the tech sheet on this unit. Basically I would diagnose the ADC board by process of elimination. There are only 3 parts to the defrost system. You have test 2 of those parts to be good( heater and defrost t-stat). There is only one part left that would cause the unit to not defrost, The ADC board. Some units have a fourth part to defrost. A defrost evap sensor. I do not believe your unit has one. As explained in the tech sheet, to force a defrost: Turn cold control on and off 3 times within 6 seconds. Usually when you force a defrost the defrost system will come on and work still even though the ADC is faulty. So, if you force the defrost and it does start to defrost you know all of your wiring and defrost parts are good. The ADC is faulty because it is not going into defrost during normal operation as it should.

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