I put this unit into forces defrost and the compressor shuts off but the heating element never turns on. Checked continuity on the heating element and the bi metal. Both are within spec. I replaced the jazz board and it still does the exact same thing. I’m not sure if I could have gotten another bad board that does the exact same thing or am I missing something. The unit does go into forced defrost and everything shuts down as it should.

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What have you tried so far?

Ohmed the heating element and the defrost bimetal terminator. Both are within spec. I replaced the main pcb. Still same result. I also jumpered the red to orange wire on the J1 connector and the heating element comes on.


You may have an intermittent issue with the defrost thermostat not closing at the proper temperature. I have seen many defrost thermostats causing issues that test good. I would start there and then run the (Forced Defrost Mode ) .
The forced defrost function is performed using the refrigerator display and keypad. Enter the Forced Defrost Mode
by performing the following sequence of events:
1. Hold the refrigerator door light switch closed.
2. Press the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- keypad 3 times consecutively.
Note: The 3 keystrokes must be consecutive and within 10 seconds.
3. Release the refrigerator door light switch.
4. The control will display F- d to confirm entry into the Forced Defrost Mode.
5. Entry is confirmed by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature DOWN /- key once more. The unit is off and in
the Defrost Mode.
Note: All control functions will be turned off (Compressor, Defrost, Evaporator Fan, the damper will remain in its
current position).
6. The control will default to the short run period test.
Note: You can toggle between the S Short and L Long test mode by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature UP /+
Key. Long Test mode is used for factory test and should not be used in the field.
7. Once the desired mode is displayed, confirm the forced defrost by pressing the Refrigerator Temperature
DOWN /- Key once. The defrost will begin immediately and the display will return to a normal operating display
with set point values.
8. Close the Refrigerator door(s). You are in the defrost mode.
Note: Forced Defrost mode can be exited at any time prior to step 7 by closing the Refrigerator Door(s)

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