i changed the drain pump because it would leave a pool of water in the tube after a wash and the drain was clean.
now after a normal cycle there is still water in the tub. and i need to put it into spine cycle to drain it

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Hi. It sounds like you have a clog somewhere preventing washer to drain as fast as it should. There is a filter on this one that is common to get clogged. It is located it the tub to pump hose. This is the large hose that connects to the drain pump and bottom of the tub that you would have removed to install the new pump. Take this hose off and check the filter inside it. Attached is a video.

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    • 8 years ago
    thank you. I have checked the drain and they are clear
  • It really sounds like something is clogged. Also, check in the tub where the pump to tub hose hooks up at to make sure nothing there is blocking it. If your sure there are no clogs , your pressure switch has or hose could be faulty but not likely. Also, make sure your getting proper voltage to the pump.
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