I bought a brand new in the box dishwasher that was 2 years old. I plugged it in and it didn’t clean very well. I tried all of the cycles and still not clean well. I checked the water input to the water inlet valve and it was strong. I then pulled the hose from the water inlet valve to the inlet assembly and it seemed strong. I did notice that when I run a cycle the arms never move. There does seem to be water in the dishwasher and it drains just fine. I tried adding a couple of quarts of water to the bottom of the dishwasher to see if not enough water and still the arms didn’t seem to spin. I bought your video on diagnostic modes and when I run it I received the following codes before the test happens. If it were new from the store I could ask whirlpool but since I bought it second hand, even if it was new in box, I can’t,

F4 E3
F4 E3
F6 E4
F- E-
F- E-

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

See the note above.

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These errors are low water pressure errors and wash motor errors.

Checking fill valve
1) Turn off water supply to dishwasher, disconnect water line to inlet valve, inspect/ clean the inlet screen of fill
valve, and reconnect water. Check other error codes to see if 6-4 also occurred. See 6-4 Error Code.

Check wash motor
1) Check operation of wash motor during diagnostics. See service manual link below.
2) Check resistances of connections in the Wash circuit.
3) Check/fix loose connections or replace wash motor. See complete diagnostics manul links below.

  • Thanks for the info. I ran the diagnostic service check and got code 4-3 twice and then 6-4 once. then I followed the service manual and checked the resistor on the control board at F8 and got under 3 ohms like it said i should. I then put everything back and unplugged the cable that plugs into the washer motor. I started the diagnostic wit a multimeter plugged into that cable. The voltages came through between 40 and 120. The variances may be due to my not holding the leads steady. Is there anything else to check to ensure it is the washer motor? After all of this, I entered diagnostic mode again and only got 4-3 codes. Thanks
  • If you have 120 volts to the wash motor and you have the proper amount of water into the unit, replace the motor. It may be tied up due to sitting for two years.
  • I had a fried give me a working dishwasher. It is a Kitchen-Aid model KDFE104DBL2. It looks like the parts match up via number on various websites. Can I replace the wash motor with this one?
  • I would call the parts department at 1-800-830-5465 . Give them both model numbers of the Whirlpool and KitchenAid . See if they come up with the same part number. If its the same part number you can use it on the Whirlpool unit.
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