Not spinning fast enough at full speed on spin cycle, seems to drain fine, clothes come out soaking wet

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1. Replaced suspension (was out of ballance)
2. Replaced drain hose (was leaking water)
3. Replaced control board (was starting a cycle at 55 minutes and can end at ~33 minutes. The machine also unlocks the door and chimes when a cycle is finished, but the cycle continues.)

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Are you getting any error codes ? ( UE ) unbalanced error or any other code? See the complete diagnostic manual link below. See the most common issues below we find on your model.

  • Loose bolt to rotor
  • Hall sensor defective
  • These washer will do this when they sense and off balance load. will spin slowly, and take forever in the spin cycle. stays around 11 mins, and may fill back up with water again. Check the shocks. with nothing in the drum, push down on the tub quickly and let go. It should come back up and stop. 1 bounce only. if it bounces the shocks are bad. Take a look at the service bulletin as well I have seen a few of these. small loads will cause this to happen as well. If you let it runs is course with 11 mins left, it may take a long time, but it will eventually error out or end the cycle.
  • The shocks have been replaced with the new ones on the first visit
  • Let it go and see if it will give an error. Might take a while. Could have a bad basket or need the update in the pointer.
  • What is the update in the pointer? Sorry for stupid question?
  • Take a look at the service bulletin that was attached on the original answer. It takes about an update to the control board. They might call it a jig. Like a usb stick with a wire you will use to update the software. It will provide a part number. Or a new control board. It gives instructions depending on which model you have so make sure your model and serial range is listed
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