Customer complaint before arrival is washer will not spin the clothes out at the end of the cycle. Homeowner did advise that it will only work on bulky cycle technician arrived. Had an F5 E2 code door lock assembly error. We replace that unit is still not spinning out on any other cycle, except for bulky, when we came back out, we went to retrieve the error codes and there was none in there ran a cycle on normal and it does not spin out the clothes. You can turn it to drain and spin and it will spin out the clothes properly also, the drain is working properly too , not quite sure where to go with this any help would be appreciated Please email me if you need more information or need anything. Thank you, Daniel Woods.

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Replace the door latch assembly due to an F5E2 error code in the beginning

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Here are the technician and diagnostic manuals. There are no service bulletins for a no spin issue. Our senior technician will add more to this post shortly. Thanks

  • Hello, here are the steps to follow. This can be found on page 16 of the tech sheet we attached for you, however I went ahead and copied it here for you. TEST #4: Door Lock System Check the relays and electrical connections to the door lock by performing the “Quick Diagnostic Test” on page 6. The following steps assume the door cannot lock or unlock during that test. Perform the following checks if the washer does not lock (or unlock). 1. Check door lock mechanism for obstruction or binding. Repair as necessary. 2. Unplug washer or disconnect power. 3. Remove top panel to access machine electronics. 4. Visually check that the J7 (door switch/ door lock) connector is inserted all the way into the ACU. See Figure 4, page 14.  If visual check passes, go to step 5.  If any of the connectors are not inserted properly, reconnect and retest door lock. 5. Disconnect the J7 connector from the ACU. NOTE: To measure the door lock switch in the “locked” position, plug in washer or reconnect power. Press the POWER button, select any cycle, and then press and hold START. Actuation of the door lock solenoid should be heard after a few seconds. At that point, unplug the washer and disconnect J7 from the ACU and ensure door is closed and measure resistance across pins 2 & 3. Resistance should measure 60–90 Ω.  If resistance values are good, go to step 6.  If any of the measurements are out of range, check the harness of the suspected component between the ACU and door lock mechanism for continuity.  If the harness and connections are good, replace the door lock mechanism. IMPORTANT: To minimize risk of damage to door lock/switch wires, remove the door lock mechanism screws before removing the front panel. 6. If the preceding steps did not correct the lock problem, replace the ACU and retest door lock mechanism. a. Unplug washer or disconnect power. b. Replace the ACU. c. Reassemble all parts and panels. d. Perform the “Quick Diagnostic Test” to verify repair.
  • Thanks for sending that information to me but I already have all that and have already checked all that there is no problem with the door lock system that problem was corrected with a new lock assembly, and we cleared the codes It works properly the problem that we are having is it will not do a final spin at The end of cycles, except on bulky, it will complete that cycle all the way through. all the other cycles to close are still wet, but no water in the drum all pumped out. If you then select drain and spin, only it will spend them completely out.bulky setting works go’s all the way though. No other wash cycle will spin the clothes out at the end of the cycle. also, we have no error codes ever since they were cleared when we replaced the door lock system.. a month and a half earlier
  • It sounds like the washer is recognizing off balance loads. This unit does have an error code for off balance loads though and should throw the error if it’s off balance. Check for broken or faulty shocks as well and oversudsing. Make sure that the no spin option is not selected on those cycles that are not spinning out. If everything checks out you could have a control board issue.
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