This range will sometimes turn on fine and cook with no issues for a good little bit, but it will randomly just stop cooking with an error of E0 54 or E1 18. Sometimes the unit will try to startup but will go back to the same error codes listed above and not even start.

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The checked the cables and power cycled the unit via the breaker.

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We cannot find the specific error codes that you listed for your model number. However We did find that error code ending in numbers 51/52/53/54/55/56 as follows:
Element temperature sensor failure ID1/ID2.
1- Verify induction temperature sensor is connected properly at B71 or B81 as per wiring diagram.
2- Verify the inductor temperature sensor is installed properly and not damaged (measure approx. 100K Ohms at room temperature).
3- Replace induction generator housing ID1, ID2 I have attached the factory Service Data sheet specific to your exact model with all wiring diagram, error codes, and diagnostic procedures.

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