Hello, Please read the Question carefully. This top load washer is about 5yrs old. Goes off balance almost every load. The Ue code will show. Start a cycle, it fills ,agitates, then after a few minutes starts spinning in one direction with water in the tub. Bang, Bang, Bang. Stops and starts agitating again. Bangs with clothes or no clothes. When it is in a spin cycle, after a while UE shows up even with no clothes in it. The tub bearings are good. The tub nut is tight. The rotor is not loose. Can hear water in the balance ring. Washer is level. Had one do this in the past, I changed the suspension rods. Still did the same thing. I asked this same question 2Yrs ago. suggested change control & rotor before 2014, and rotor only after 2014. This doesnt sound right for the problem I’m having. Then look at a video where you use rubber bands. Please, I need real help. This is a real common problem, I have seen 10 LG washers doing this. I dont know exactly what is causing the problem. The washer worked ok for 5yrs. Customer is not loading it improperly. When you come up with a solution please explain how or why this solution will fix the problem. Thank You, Jim

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Hi. I have ran in to this issue with these units a couple of times now. I did not get banging with any of mine. They would attempt to spin with or with out clothes and give the UE error. mine did not have water in the unit when it attempted to spin. The washer should have drained the water before it attempted to spin at a higher speed. If there is still water left do you have a drain issue? It would throw a drain error though. I’m not sure what information you got 2 years ago from us or recall a video with rubber bands. Have you seen the service pointer for this? I have attached it for you. Verify your model and serial number for the pointer. It will explain the issue and solution in the pointer. Like you had mentioned, the pointer talks about replacing the rotor or control board depending on model /serial range and after running some tests. The control board has new software built in so that it will not recognize an off balance load as easily. The old software is too sensitive to this. I noticed on the last one I had that the rotor was loose. not the nut that holds in on but the rotor it self had separated and was making a little noise as it rotated. The cust did not end up haveing any work done so I did not get to verify a repair worked but through the testing in the pointer it said to replace the rotor as well.

  • Hi Brian, Thanks for the info. When a Normal cycle is started with or without clothes. The machine starts filling. After a couple of minutes it starts spinning with water & clothes. Must be sensing the size of the load. This is when the tub starts banging. Also banged with no clothes. Then it stops and starts filling again and starts to wash. These LG true balance machines usually do not bang while in this mode. As it advances later to the drain & spin, all the water is gone, starts spinning then uE code appears. Code appears 3 out of 10 loads. Usually does not bang in spin cycle. Will bang in sensing mode mentioned above. What are your thoughts about it banging in that sensing mode before it actually starts to wash???? Thanks Jim
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