Hi, the washer im dealing with only goes into drain mode when on any wash option selected and started. pressure switch sounds fine clicking when i blow into it. I’ve tried reseting by lifting the lid 6 times. motor led is a steady 1 flash per second. I did replace the board with an amazon purchased board and it was the same result. Any suggestions GE Hydrowave

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Hi. I have attached the tech sheet for you. Run the diagnostic mode and check for error codes. You can run tests for everything in diagnostic mode. Will the unit drain water if you add water to it? If not you could have a blockage or a bad drain pump. Make sure the basket is not tied up, can you spin it freely by hand? The lid switch or the motor could also be at fault. You will get pointed in the right direction once you pull some error codes.


See the service manual link below. If the flash is one second on and one second off that is normal standby mode. If its one long flash that would be a motor error. See the link below to put the unit into the field service mode to determine the exact error code. It will then indicate what area to address. Also look at the Service bulletin (Loose or Damaged Counterweight and Damaged Platform in Top Load Washers ) link .

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