The dishwasher overfills and goes into the drain pan causing the E15 error. I cannot find a float switch that regulates how much water fills the dishwasher. What do I change to cause it to fill normally?

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Cursing, swearing, threatening- you know, all the normal stuff. I cannot find a float switch.

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Hi. I have attached the service manual for your unit. The float is a safety device, located next to the sump, which
activates if there’s too much water in the base. Take a look at page 23 which explains the float. This is where your error code is coming from. Look at page 67 for the description of the error code. Make sure the unit is level and the door is sealing good. These both could cause water to leak out and get to the float switch. If it is filling with too much water then you could have an issue with the heat pump. Take a look at heat pump operation on page 20. It explains the heat pump is what monitors water level. This could be your issue or the control board.

  • check the sump for any clogs or debris.
    • Guest
    • 4 years ago
    I understand the safety float. I am trying to figure out why it lets so much water in the system. It is supposed to allow just enough to cover the top of the course filter. It goes much higher than that causing the overflow. What regulates the amount of water that goes in? How can the heat pump control this?
  • Take a look at page 20 in the service manual. It doesn’t go into detail but it talks about the heat pump controlling the amount of water in the unit. There must be a sensor inside the heat pump that is not replaceable separately.
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    • 4 years ago
    That makes sense. I let something slip by in my testing yesterday. I don’t think it was draining all the water out. I’m going to check that out today. Maybe there is a pump or drain issue.
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