Hello Technicians,I have a Thermador Dishwashe that is not cleaning the dishes on the bottom rack or top rack . Dishes don’t look like they have washed at all. I thought it could be a low water issue, so I had the customer add hot water when the dishwasher stoped drawing water going into the beginning of the cycle, they said it didn’t make a difference. Please advise as to what else I might check. I have checked and cleaned spray arms, have Shop vacuumed out sump and drain. Thank you for you advise and help.

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Checked and cleaned spray arms , cleaned out sump assemblie .shop vacuum the drain line.

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A few things to check on this issie.
1) How is the dishwasher loaded ? The Thermador Model DW44Z has an Upper Wash cycle that saves energy and water when you have only a small load of dishes. Also, you’ll use less detergent for the Upper Wash cycle. The washing time, however, is not reduced. ( See page 14 in use and care guide link below)

2) This unit has A Triple Filter System and Large Object Trap, Micro Filter & Fine Filter. Make sure they are clean see page #16 in use and care link below.

3) Check Wash Arms . The wash arms should be checked periodically to ensure that the spray orifices are clear and unobstructed. If the wash arms require cleaning they are easy to remove and replace:
A. The lower wash arm simply snaps into place. Pull gently upwards to remove it.
B. The upper wash arm is held in position by a locking
nut. Turn the locking ring approximately 1/8-turn
clockwise to release the arm. See Figure 30.
C. After cleaning, reinstall the wash arms.

4) Is the dispenser opening ? Do you have the correct amount of detergent or rinse agent ?

5) Are you selecting heavy wash with a lage load?

6) Are the Filters not properly fitted into position.

7) Verify there are no clogged nozzles in wash arm(s)

8) Make sure unit is draining properly. Check pump and drain hose for kink or debres stuck.

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