I tried to adjust the temp of my wine cellar (wine fridge) to mo availe to come to relize after checking in the back of it that the compressor was so hot I could barely touch it. Can you help me resolve my issue? Thx

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Hello Mike
There a few things that can make the compressor hot or overheat.
1) If you compressor is locked up it will overheat. You have a hermetic compressor. It is completely sealed by a welded seam. If the the compressor locks up it needs to be replaced. ( Very expensive repair )
2) The relay on the compressor is defective. It is number #1 on the schematic. If the relay goes bad it can make the compressor overheat.
You can call our parts department with your model number at 1-800-830-5465 to get a price on the relay.
Matt ace technician

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