I have a samsung sxs refrig that builds ice around the evaporator fan motor every few months inside the refrigerator compartment. If it is melted it works fine. It is defrosting obviously but I dont know what the permanent fix is. I see you have a video showing the replacement of the defrost heater assembly but is anything different on this than what I already have? Model is RS263TDWP Serial is JJ9Z4GBZ500034N. Thanks for any help


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It sounds like you have a moisture issue. I see you have a dispenser through the door in the freezer. Sometimes the flap on the ice maker door dispenser does not seal completely and lets air in causing moisture. Then the moisture turns into ice causing the ice to stop the evaporator fan blade. Also another thing to check is your door seals to make sure they are both sealing on the top and bottom not letting any air in. Run your fingers around both seals to check for any gaps. The last possibility is to check to make sure your freezer and refrigerator light is not staying on with the door closed, that will cause condensation also. The link below is for a breakdown of your air damper assembly. Let us know how this turns out or if you have any other questions. Matt service technician 42

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