When I arrived the washer was full of water and clothes and they said it would not unlock. I put it in drain and spin and the unit drained and when It finished I pushed the power off button and it stopped and unlocked. Then in the diagnostic test it showed the f1e1 code. Then in the drain it would begin but just about 2 second and would quit and begin beeping and would not unlock. I would unplug it and plug it back in and press the power button and it would unlock. At times I could get it to drain then finally it would not. The diagnostic cycle would not work as it should. It would take 1 or 2 minutes before it would start diagnostics or before it would do a normal cycle fill or drain and spin. What do I do next? I thought it was the pump it self. Should I directly test it with a test cord to see it it will run or what?

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I tested for 120vac at the pump in the drain and spin with the harness unplugged and it, at first would remain till it beeped and failed the drain spin or in the diagnostics. Finally after several tries it left the water i n the tub.

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Hello, I have provided a tech sheet for this unit. You can test it with a cord and see if the pump keeps going, but it could be a bad relay. hope this helps.

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