We had a power outage last night during a thunderstorm and this morning the interior lights work, but that is the only function working. The “cubed ice” icon is blinking. The compressor is not running, nor is the condenser fan. I have my digital multimeter out and am wondering what the ranges would be for the output of the transformer which seems to supply the control board. What is more likely- a fried transformer from a power surge or fried control board from a power surge?

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I have tested the output of the transformer and do not get any continual reading- the output varies as I hold the probes to the output

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Owners guide, Service diagnostics guide

See the service manual link below. I would start on page #33 for diagnostics to troubleshoot where your loosing power to the compressor and condenser fan. Then go to page #36 for compressor diagnostics. Then page #39 for condenser fan motor diagnostics.

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