I have Trouleshooted this unit, By; Running a Diagnosis-TEST on the Control board!!! 1.,2.,3., & 4. push on the test button, ALL the TESTS check out!!! There is NO-Check light flashing at ALL!!! BUT, this is the NEW type of Commpressor on this LG unit {Linear / Inverter Compressor}… I DO-NOT Know what Voltage should be going to this unit!!! The Compressor’s; sticker said: INVERTER 0–220V 53Hz… SO, when I check it with a DVM, I get a reading of; 35 Volts!!! The Compressor is Running, With “ALL” the Fans too!!! BUT, NOT–COOLING??????????????

What do you Think?????????

Model Number
LG LFXS27466S /00
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

ALL of the ABOVE!!!

Request Resource Materials
Owners guide, Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram

If all of your components are working. There is a very good possibility you have a sealed system issue. This unit has a high rate of sealed system problems. A sealed system issue is a refrigerant leak in the evaporator or refrigerant lines or an internal compressor issue not pumping the refrigerator. See the diagnostics chart on page Page #91 in the service manual link along with all of the #106 page service manual.

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