I installed the condenser fan just fine, I had to get a sub for the main board which was WR55X10942 which says it replaces the original number of WR55X10037!
The instructions say to check for a green wire and cut it , also to cut a thermister wire if “it is a bottom freezer drawer unit or if it has “X” in the Serial number, This one is neither, so I just installed it. Some of the connectors are in a different places but they all did fit…
The compressor and condenser fan came on after a few seconds and shut off after 5 or 7 seconds. NO display inside the fridg.
any suggestions , do you think I have a bad new replacement board?

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It Could be a bad FF fan. Try disconnecting the fan harness at the board, then restart the unit and see if the compressor stays on. The low voltage side of board may be overloaded and causes problems with all the components. Could be a bad fan motor in either the freezer or fresh foods, you may even hear some strange noises coming from board when it is trying to power components. Unplug all the harnesses, and then plug back in one at a time until problem returns and trace that plug back to the component that is drawing to much amperage.

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