I am trying to replace the touchscreen control board on my refrigerator. I need to know how to remove the display panel to get to the board. Looking for help or a video to show me how to remove the touchpad to get to the control board. This is a Samsung French door four-door refrigerator not a side-by-side.

Model Number
RF4287HARS/ Aa
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

Found the screw that holds display in place but display does not pop out.

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See the link below. Once opened go to page #44 for instructions on the disassembly.

  • Thank you for the document. I was able to find the page fine. It appears to be the same unit as mine. I have taken the screw out but I cannot slide to the right and lifting up and trying to slide does nothing. Not having any luck removing it..
  • We have done this before, you have use a decent amount of force. Once you shift to the right, you must pull from the bottom outward and upward.
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