Right door is not closing all the way and keeps popping out. Any videos to fix this issue. Tried hinges, gasket and stoppers nothing working.

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Gasket , top hinge, door stoppers

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Hi, I’m not finding any videos at this time for this issue. A lot of times I have ran into this and replaced parts, only to find out it was a container in the frige pushing against the door when closing it or a shelf in the frige and a bin on the door that made contact when closing the door. Also, make sure the center door flipper is engaging the tracks properly if it has any and closing properly. If you close this the door that is the issue without closing the other door does it then close properly? The key is to find out where the resistance is pushing back on the door. I would remove all bins, shelves and containers on the door and in side the unit just to be sure. Then try closing it. Is the door rubbing anywhere around the frame when closing it? Try putting your phone and video record and setting it in side the unit to see where the door is not. Losing properly at.

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