this is a 2-4yr old top load belt driven washer. Seems to agitate ok. Drains ok. When entering spin cycle the wash plate spins very fast. Then the tub starts to spin faster & faster. So fast that it starts banging against the sides. This is with no clothes in the tub. I think it would take off if I didn’t pull the plug. This is the 3rd machine similar to this one that I have run across doing this same thing. The other machine made the same way was a Maytag model # MVWX655DWO. They all have a black actuator, not the common brown one. This also happens when you try to recalibrate the main control. Cant let it finish the recalibration mode, its starts spinning so fast out of control. This is not an off balance problem. This is a case of wash plate can run very fast & tub can spin way too fast.

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First part I tried changing on all 3 of these washers doing this, was the actuator. I thought maybe its not sensing the speed of the tub. Made no difference. The Kenmore, tried changing the main control. no difference. Tried a new motor. no difference. Tried new capacitor. no difference. I am wondering if there is a problem with the main wiring harness on these type washers. This has to be a common problem with these newer washers. I have ran into 3 of them with the same out of control problem. The little bit older version , with the brown actuators never had this problem. Error codes on washer shows out of balance, & check actuator.


Hi. It sounds like you have a bad basket drive hub. This hub attaches the the basket to the gearcase shaft. The splines wear down. Then when it goes to spin the agitator will rotate very fast but the tub does not engage. It will make some noise when this happens. It will give an off balance load error for this. The part number you need is W10396887.

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