I have a model 3151 ice machine which had a bad cube size control. The new control looks different in its terminal designation, and the darn part came with NO notes on how to adapt to the new control. The old one had a 1, 2 & 3 terminal marking. The new one has 4, 5 & 6. Have no idea where to place the wires properly..anyone else been here?

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model 3151
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The last time we ordered a 11-0503-21 they shipped a 11-0619-21. This must be a very recent substitution since it was from just last week. It does have the terminals as you described, 3, double 4 and 6.
The directions state: “ Reconnect wire disconnected in step 5. NOTE there are 2 different types of timer, electronic timers (models ending in “D”) and electromechanical timer (white plastic can type). For electronic timers connect as follows; Yellow to terminal 3 and Blue to Terminal6 (note term 4 is not used). For electromechanical timers (white cam type) connect as follows; Black to terminal 3, Red to terminal 6 and Blue to terminal 4.”If you are in need of any parts please support our parts department on line at or call 1-800-830-5465 7-days a week until 11pm Eastern time. Thanks Matt Ace service technician.

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