The morning after an electrical storm the temperature control display shows “88 88” with the second 88 blinking and the controls do not work.
The refrigerator and freezer seem to be working but I have no control over the temperature. Is there a way (sequence) to reset the display or
have I lost a:
Main Circuit Board
Power Control Board
LED Light Board

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

Turned the refrigerator on/off from the circuit breaker but the display is still malfunctioning “88 88”.

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See complete service manual link below. The ‘ 88 88 ” is a failure initial power up condition. Go to page #74 in the technician manual link below for the next steps to correct and diagnose. Matt Ace technician

  • Matt thank you. The Procedure using “Energy Saving” Button and “Alarms” button put the frig into the diagnostic mode. The diagnosis ran and then the display returned to normal. I’ve had the ice maker disconnected for two years because I’ve replaced it twice for about $300.00 each time. Now I’m making ice cubes the old fashion way. Filling up plastic ice trays, putting in the ice tray area and covering the opening with a cardboard door. Not bad for a F_ _ _ ing $3,000 five year old refrigerator. Piece of junk!! Have a nice day. You guys have a great service…Hap

Hi. I have attached the service manual for you. Start on page 71. Enter diagnostic mode and exit. This may bring the unit back to normal operation. Check to see if you have an error code present. You should be able to eliminate the LED board as a possibility. It would have to be either the main control or the user interface.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Supposedly you attached a service manual but where “SPECIFICALLY” is it. I don’t see any link to a service manual. Sorry I’m new to this service!! Regards Hap
  • sounds like you got it fixed. Glad to hear that. The service manual I attached should be right under my reply. Under information links it should show a red box that says service manual.
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