A while back the dishwasher would not start. The START button would flash and the indicator light flashes amber. It also beeps three times waits for a while and beeps three more times. This repeats over and over.

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About a month ago, I determined that the latch was not properly engaging the striker due to improper installation. I leveled the feet so that the latch properly engaged the striker. Problem solved…temporarily.Fast forward about a month. The problem reoccurred after jarring the door. I have repeatedly tried to reset the machine including pressing the start and recycle buttons as I have heard about. I have powered off the machine at the circuit breaker multiple times to no avail. I have tried to get into diagnostic mode but, apparently this works differently than other models that I have seen on YouTube. I have tried to find a listing of error codes but I haven’t been able to find them. So, I’m not sure where to go with this problem. I am well versed in using multi-meters and other electronic tools. I have fixed all types of appliances over the years but, I’m not familiar with control board models of appliances. How do I go about diagnosing this problem?

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Hi. I have attached the service manual for you. I have seen both faulty door latches and control boards. Check the error codes and you will be able to check continuity through the latch when you open and close the door. you can do this from the wires at the control.

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