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I have a Whirlpool WRF757SDEM refrigerator that has cooling issues in the refrigerator section of the unit;not the freezer . The bottom fresh drawer is ~ 33 degrees, the 3 drawers above that are ~ 40 degrees and the upper main is ~ 47 degrees.These temperatures have been verified by placing thermometers in each section. Due to this elevated temperature we also have had to shut the iced maker off as the ice would melt in the door compartment causing water to run out the chute. I have had a large amount of ice forming behind the bottom drawer ( the one at ~ 33 degrees) and have had to remove this 3 times as it build up there and has caused issues shutting that drawer. The ice was in all the vents located there and I had to take care so it would not get damaged. The freezer portion of this unit works fine and freezes ice in ~ 30 minutes.
I am hoping there is a repair for this erratic cooling as the unit is barely 6 years old and is just out of warranty.
Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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We had a local repair service come out and they said we were leaking Freon for the unit that controls the top section. The technician did something by the control panel when you get the water ( we could not see what he was doing as his body blocked the view) and just placed his hand in the unit for a bit to check the temperature. He then took a monitoring sensor underneath the front and the meter went off as he moved it around the bottom outside the unit . The beeping got more frequent as he moved left to right. He then cycled the power via the circuit breaker ( turned it off for ~ 2 minutes) and the unit started to run and said it was leaking Freon and the repairs would be comparable to replacing the unit, there was nothing he could do and left. It was after this when we placed the 3 thermometers in and began tracking and monitoring the temperatures and noticed the ice build ups

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Hi. To me it sounds more like a defrost issue with refrigerator evaporator. The ice builds up from the unit not defrosting properly then this blocks air flow. That is why the top of the refrigerator is too warm but the bottom is ok or too cold. With a leak you notice more so and 1sr that the freezer temperatures are too warm. So if your freezer temps ok, its a sign that issue is not a refrigerant leak also. There is a update with the defrost sensor on the refrigerator evaporator that causes this issue. I have attached the service bulletin that explains this update. I would also replace the sensor. The part number for the sensor is going to be determined by the last 2 digits of the model number. It will either end in 00 or 01.


I have provided the complete service manual witch is 105 pages. It has everything from diagnostics to the refrigerant leak information that the technician diagnosed. If in fact you have a refrigerant leak you will need to find a company that does ( Sealed System repairs ). That company can come out and find the leak, in most cases its in the evaporator coil. They can replace the evaporator coil and correct the issue. Not many company’s do sealed system repairs as it takes a lot of training and equipment.

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