Good morning.
Thank you for helping me out with this issue. Apparently, the selector knob has stopped the ability to increase and decrease the digital numbers on the screen. The stove top works fine, and the buttons to select oven temp, clear settings, cook time etc (along both sides of the selector knob) work when pressed..however when i press the “oven temp” , “cook time” ,”timer” buttons the “0:00” or “0” digits appear on the screen but as i turn the knob (clock wise) to set the temp of time the digits do not move. I need your help..do you think its the mother board behind the selector knob? by-the-way..When I press the button “Oven Func” >then select Bake..then press “Oven Temp” and “0” appears on screen..even with a value of the “0” the oven will “click” on.
Please help..any assistance is greatly appreciate it!

Model Number
Serial Number
sorry the serial number sticker is no longer located under the ledge. looks like it was peeled off.
What have you tried so far?

I tried taking the knob out to see if anything was sticking to the selector knob. I looked through the manual to remove the mother board behind it but did not want to tinker with it without your expert guidance.


I a have provided the diagnostic test sheet along with the # 74 page service manual. I would start with the quick test sheet link and if this does not help go the the service manual . Matt Ace technician

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