This is a double wall oven with the 2 appliance managers. According to the tech sheet, if error code F1E0 appears then the UI must be replaced. I replaced the UI and the error code is still present. The tech sheet also mentions to check 14 VDC from the appliance manager to the UI at connection J4-4 to J4-2. I am getting 14 VDC. I am not sure why the appliance manager is sending 14 vdc to the UI but also sending the error code. I have tried clearing the error codes and discharging the relays on the appliance manager. No fix.

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I took a look at that error code on the tech sheet for this unit. It says to replace the control if the UI does not fix the issue. Even though you do have the 14 vdc to the UI, the control could still be faulty. It could not be receiving the feedback signal properly from the UI. The only other possibility would be the wire harness between the 2.
I see they list the 2 different controls. One with power supply and one with out. Your unit will only have one or the other. I pulled up pictures of both and they look different. Best thing to do would be to look at the control on the unit and match it up by looking at pictures of the others. I just did a Google search to find images of each part number. They are listed as 3, and 3a on the parts diagram. Also, you could see if the current board has a part number listed on it and go with that one.

  • Great! Thank you for your response. One last thing I forgot to mention, I also found error codes F6 E6 for the top oven and another similar error code (wich I don’t have) for the bottom oven. Which is a miscommunication from both mainboards. It leads me to believe the cable linking the two mainboards could be faulty? How do I go about finding which mainboard needs to be replaced or should I replace both?
  • You’re welcome! The F6 E6 error code is a communication error code between the UI and main control. It says to replace the main control and if that does not work to replace the UI which you have already done. So both error codes you have should be resolved by replacing the main control (appliance manage board). Just need to find out which board your unit has. 3 or 3a of the parts diagram, that I mentioned in the last answer I posted.
  • Wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace the harness as well just in case.
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