This is is a Frigidaire oven this the door lock error? Which board controls it if it is,? How can I check this issue?
I need a service manual and tech sheet and your expert advice.

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The unit has been unplugged for hour and at first it seems ok but after a few minutes the code reappears.

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This is likely a problem with one of your latch motor switches. We have to determine which oven latch or switch is giving you the issue. We have attached the parts diagram and the wiring diagram for you to use as reference. Let’s start by first checking the self clean function of both ovens one at a time. Try the upper oven first and see if the latch will operate and if the cycle will function. If everything is working after approximately 30 minutes then cancel the cycle and repeat process with the lower oven. Hopefully on of those ovens will fail to operate the self clean lock function which will lead us to the proper latch. If both latches function properly and unlock after the cooling down period then we may have an oven relay board failure. Please take the initial steps and keep us posted.

  • This doesn’t have the wiring diagram. If you could please send its. Your advice is very helpful I’ll try this while I wait for the diagram. Thanks
  • I added the diagram. Thanks
  • Thanks for the diagram. There must be a second page with the relay board. this unit has an interface board, an oven relay board and a lock and fan circuit board. Could you check? I could not perform the prescribed test. The board would not let me. But It was the upper oven lock light that was indicated when I reapplied power. I could hear a relay clicking but with out the diagram I could not test the voltage. I got access to the upper lock mechanism. Both switches and motor tested ok.
  • Please respond
  • Hello I believe the wrong wiring diagram was linked improperly . You needed the PLEB30T8CCB model . We linked the PLEB30T9CCB model. It was one digit off. I apologize for the mistake. I have linked the correct diagram. Click on the ( Schematic wiring diagram ) link. Then go to the LAST page for you exact diagram. Thanks
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