Before this incident the customer complaint was that the washer wouldn’t come on. I turned it on and it worked. Ran diagnostic tests and it passed. The motor showed not errors. The two week later came the 11 hour cycle. It was draining and the clothes were wet as though it did not spin. Is this the Board? I have the tech sheet but need any diagnostic helps for this problem.

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You may have A serial communication lost from the board to the motor on your model, here are some symptoms to look for. If communication is lost during the first fill, the basket will be motionless; the fill light will be flashing on the backsplash and an audible 2 beeps every 20 seconds.The new motor on these models will have a more robust sound to them. This is due to the motor not having a brake resister on it as previous models have had. The motor reversing power on the winding is used for stopping. See the (Diagnosing Serial Communication in Hydrowave Washers) link below. You will need to find it in the failed state to be sure. Matt Ace technician

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