During the last load of wash the machine became off balance during the spin cycle. Not sure if it finished cycle before quitting but it appears that It was very close to finishing or did finish the cycle. Was able to empty the items in washer into the dryer as normal. Now the washing machine will not start in any cycle and yes there is power to the plug. I believe there is an off-balance safety mechanism tied in with the lid switch but not positive. Hoping possibly just a fuse or something. I cannot find YouTube help for my particular model but a similar model mentions raising the lid until you hear a loud click. I’ve done that, no click. I tried to raise top off washer so I can get to the lid switch. Again not exactly the same model as in YouTube help but I can’t get the top of washer to come up so I can get to switch. I couldn’t find anything at appliancevideos.com for this particular model. Can you direct me to somewhere where I can get help? Hard to even find an appliance repair person around my area. Would like to think I could do this myself. In search of any other troubleshooting thoughts you may have. Thanks, Tim

Model Number
Maytag top load cloths washer model LAT2500AAE
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

I tested the outlet, took off back of control panel to make sure all connections are in place, raised the lid listening for a loud click or reset to the safety mechanism that may be in place for an unbalanced load, been trying to raise the top so that I can get to the lid switch, similar model video showed sliding putty knife under top edge near front corners of machine that released a catch on each side allowing the top to lift up, not working for me,

Request Resource Materials
Owners guide, Parts manual, Any available materials

See the video link below on how to remove cover. Then go to section 1-15 in the service manual link below to do your voltage checks . One you have done your voltage checks, go to section 3-1 for component testing to determine what component is causing your issue.

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