Water dispenser don’t work. This is located inside refrigerator on left hand wall. When paddle push, nothing. No noises. Thanks in advance

Model Number

Videos on water dispenser not working : https://www.appliancevideo.com/?cat=&s=water+dispenser+not+working+&post_type%5B%5D=post&post_type%5B%5D=premiumvideos&post_type%5B%5D=fromthefield&post_type%5B%5D=embdvideo

We have replaced the ref door gaskets on this GE ref using part WR14X10237. These new gaskets are not sealing properly. Even after heating the gaskets up with a steamer, there are gaps, primarily on the top and bottom of each door. You can also look at the unit water line frozen in the
door, see below.

Cold Temperatures in Fresh Food Section
Under Certain Conditions, the following Single Speed Compressor models may exhibit colder temperatures in the lower shelves and vegetable pans / crispers: PFIC1NFZ; CFCP1NIZ.
-Freezing Vegetables in the vegetable pans / crispers
-Freezing water coils
-Freezing in the Lower Shelves
-Check (Frozen Double Coil Water Tank Service Bulletin REF01-11) to make sure water tank is located properly.
-Check (Bottom-Freezer 21-25: Fresh Food Freezing/Fresh Food Cabinet Freezing Service Bulletin REF 08-09) to make sure damper is properly sealed.
-Check the customer’s food loading pattern to make sure the thermistor is not blocked and that the air duct is not blocked or loose.
-If the above checks are OK, you can order a control board WR55X11105 which adjusts the operation of the unit to provide warmer fresh food temperatures for these Single Speed Compressor models only.
If you order a WR55X11105 board, please message

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