There is water pooled up underneath the freezer door. It is a line of water that follows the door width. There is no noticeable water inside the refrigerator compartment or the freezer. There is no noticeable frost buildup in the freezer. There is no water on the floor underneath or in the back. What could be the cause and fix of this line of water pooled up under the freezer door in the front?

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The frost build up in the freezer could be caused by one of the doors not closing properly , or a door seal not sealing correctly. The water could be coming from a number of places. Some possibilities of the water leak.
1) The water inlet valve shown in the link below could have a crack or inlet line leaking.
2) A plugged drain in the freezer, if you have ice on the freezer side floor you have a plugged freezer drain. You will need to defrost the unit and use a turkey baster to flush the drain out.
3) The water line to the ice maker could have a pinhole leak if its plastic. From the back of the waterline where it comes through the floor slide your hand up the complete line to fond any wet spots. If you have a plastic line, replace it with a copper line.
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