My customer had an electrician look at her dryer. I’m guessing that he did a continuity test. And removed the “part” that sits on the side of the exhaust line. And he never came back to fix it. Well, that’s the story that I was told.
There are two wires and a little hole in the can that is about half way in back of the exhaust line. I checked out several websites, and I didn’t find a hole or a part that goes in the middle of the exhaust line. One person said that it is the drum outlet bias thermostat. But it looks like it’s located at the front of the dryer.
If you can shed any light on the subject I would greatly appreciate it. If I order that $64.00 part and it’s not the right part. Besides being stupid, I’d look stupid.

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This dryer does not have any thermostats from the exit side of the blower housing. There is the operating thermostat on the blower housing but nothing past that, Is this hole with wires in the dryer or on the vent tube?

The only thermostats on this dryer are located behind the drum and on the blower housing.

  • I want to thank you for responding. I went back to take a 2nd look. The diagrams on the web do NOT do justice to this dryer. Not sure WHY, but this time I got no help from it. As always THANKS for your support.

Hi. Yes the drum outlet bias thermostat does appear to be in the front of the unit located on the blower housing. I do not see any holes or parts that would be located in the duct near the back either. The other thermostats and hi limit fuse are located on the top of the element housing. They are numbers 505 , 506, and 507 in this diagram. The thermostats do not usually go bad. The hi limit fuse would be my first suspect.

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