Whirlpool fridge randomly displays two negative signs. One negative sign on the FZ display and one negative sign on the FF display. When this happens the refrigerator stops cooling both compartments. User Interface buttons need to be press and that makes the refrigerator work again. Once the refrigerator is working normally it takes a couple of days for the negative signs to pop up again.

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Checked power outlet and it gave me 120v. Unplug the refrigerator for 10 minutes and plug it back in. It worked for a month but it’s happening again.

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See service manual link below. I would start with going to page #42 in the service manual to the control board testing procedures. Run through the different diagnostics tests. If all of the tests check out and you are getting proper power into the unit, including testing for proper polarity and ground at the wall outlet. I would then replace the control board.

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