it will agitate but will only spin if i start turning it by hand

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The first thing I would check for is something stuck in your water pump since it attach’s directly to your motor. You would just unsnap the 2 snap clips on your water pump, then pull the pump off and see if it starts agitating. Other things to look for.
1) Pull off the water pump, make sure pump spins freely.
2)Remove the motor, make sure shaft spins freely.
3) Inspect clutch and break assembly.
The washer agitates when the motor runs one direction and then when the motor reverses it should drain all the water out and then the timer pauses the motor momentarily and then the timer starts the motor in the same direction at which time the gear case internally shifts into spin. In order to spin the clutch assembly spins around with enough torque to strike the brake release lever on the basket drive which causes the brake to release and the clutch slowing begins to spin the basket while the clutch is slipping until the clutch and clutch drum are spinning at the same speed.

If you spin the input shaft on the transmission it should cause the agitate shaft to arc back and forth and when you spin it the other way it should spin the clutch drum and clutch shoes. Now, before it will drain and spin the motor must operate in the drain and spin direction. In order to operate in the spin cycles the lid switch must be connected and in working order. The lid must be shut of the motor is not going to operate in the drain and spin cycles.

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