Hi, I have just purchased a secong hand fridge Samsung top fridge bottom freezer. The display says its 15c in fridge and -21 in freezer. The actual temp is 10c in fridge and 1c in freezer, the fridge light is not consistent so I removed the bulb and the unit beeps 11 times every 2 minutes.

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Here is a link to 29 Samsung repair videos. If you need any parts call our parts department at 1-800-830-5465 or order on line at

HI. First I would reset the unit by unplugging it for 5 mins and plug it back in. See if this corrects your issue. The beeping it does may be the unit giving an error code. Next we can put it into a diagnostic mode. Below are the steps to do that.

2) Self-diagnosis with initial power on
2-1) When pressing the Super Freeze button and the Super Cool button simultaneously for 6 sec during normal operation, the entire temperature setting display will blink for 2 sec at the interval of 0.5 sec and when pressing the Super Cool button and the Super Cool button simultaneously for 8 sec including 2 sec blinking, self-diagnosis will be selected.

2-2) It goes into the Self Diagnosis function with a “Ding-Dong” sound and it shows error codes on the LED display.And then,it will be restored to the normal operation.

2-3) During self-diagnosis,button inputs will not be recognized but only the canceling buttons

Error codes on this unit are represented by one of the pieces of the number digits flashing.

The temps are warmer than they should be. Getting the error codes will be the best way to find out what is going on with the unit.

Please let me know what you find out.


Brent, put the light bulb back in . Are you defrosting food in the freezer section ? You should be reading -5 to +5 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer section that converts to -20 to -15 Celsius. The 38 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit converts to 3.3 to 7.2 degrees Celsius . If you are not getting these temperatures the alarm is most likely the high temperature warning. There are many possibilities that can cause cooling issues, I have 4- video links below to help you with cooling issues. If you have the normal temperatures listed above with the doors are closed and your refrigerator is still beeping, it’s a possibility that the doors are not sealing properly or the wiring that connects the “closed door” sensors are not properly attached. Please check the seal around the door to make sure it is secure by inserting a dollar bill between the door and the case in different locations, then pulling it out with the door closed. If the bill pulls out with no resistance, then your doors may not be aligned properly or the gasket may be damaged and should be replaced. Try adjusting the front leveling legs by following the instructions in the User Manual. If this does not stop the beeping, your refrigerator will likely require service. I have provided 4-repair video links below to help diagnose your issue. Matt Ace technician

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